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Rural case study: Puglia, Italy

Map of Apulila

Agriculture is an important economic sector in Puglia (Apulia), Italy. However, water availability is irregular and scarce (especially in summer), and intensive irrigation is now used to grow table grapes and citrus fruits. Emergency irrigation is used to grow olive crops by an unplanned process with little regard for the long-term sustainability of water resources. Sustainable management of water resources in the future depends on an understanding of the variability and decline in water resources, in the context of social impacts and social and vegetation adaptation. The availability of water resources has economic implications, affecting the regional workforce, tourism and society in general.  Tourism is a developing industry in the region whose growth could be limited by the negative impacts of climate change on water resources, rural landscape and coastal zone.


Puglia information sheets:

Puglia case-study indicators


Leading team

This research is coordinated by Piero Lionello, UNILE, Italy