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Coastal case study: Gulf of Oran, Algeria

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Located in the western part of the Algerian coast, the Gulfs of Oran and Arzew comprise rich marine ecosystems, a fertile coastal zone, nature reserves for a wide range of species, and ancient sites of historical and cultural significance. The coastline is a fertile strip of land interrupted by low mountains and enclosed to the south by a higher range of mountains running parallel to the coast. The region’s natural ecosystems have high diversity and include some protected areas: including the wetlands of Macta, the Great Sebkha and the Habibas Islands (an outstanding marine nature).  The marine ecosystem is rich in species, but very sensitive to environmental disturbance (pollution, overexploitation, climate change, and the introduction of non-indigenous species). Integrated management of the coastal zone presents an enormous challenge which must become the basis for sustainable development. Key climate change issues for the case study are accelerated coastal zone degradation and marine system modification, and the availability and quality of water resources.


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Leading team

This research is coordinated by Mohamed Senouci, ARCE, Algeria