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Case-studies conceptual framework

Climate variability and change is a key driver of change in social and biogeophysical environments and is modulated by the inherent dynamics of these systems.  The frequency of a climate hazard is altered by a change in the climate state and has measurable impacts on physical and social systems.  The outcomes can be complex, resulting from direct and indirect effects of several climate and non-climate factors.  The level of impact is modulated by the sensitivity and vulnerability of the impacted systems to climate variability and change, and the risk involved is determined by the probability that hazard will occur.  Societal and environmental vulnerability to climate change is a function of the degree of exposure, the sensitivity of the system, and the capacity for adaptation.

conceptual framework

Further information

A draft project document can be downloaded outlining the key concepts of the conceptual framework and exploring potential methods and tools for climate change impact adaptation and vulnerability (CCIAV) assessments for the Mediterranean case studies.