Case studies




Stakeholder involvement

A set of Information sheets on stakeholder engagement and adaptation options in the case studies have been developed:

Urban: Beirut stakeholders in Alexandria
Rural: Tuscany
  Tel Hadya
Coastal: Gulf of Valencia
  Gulf of Oran
  Gulf of Gab├Ęs



Stakeholders by key themes
  Themes Generic stakeholders
1 Atmosphere and climate National councils for scientific research; Academic institutions & universities;
2 Marine systems Fishermen; Fishermen guilds; Harbour authorities; Coastal protection & management agencies
3 Terrestrial ecosystems & biodiversity National parks authorities; Environment protection agencies; Environment ministry; Societies for nature protection; Environmental surveillance networks
4 Freshwater systems Ministry of water resources, River agencies and authorities; Regional/local water companies & authorities; hydrographic services; Water treatment works; Waste managment authories
5 Agriculture & forestry Ministry of agriculture & rural development; Farmers'/growers' cooperatives, guilds and unions; scientific agronomy institutes; Forestry services
6 Economy & Infrastructure Ministry of housing & urban development / planning; Industrial representatives; Ministry of tourism; Regional tourism agencies; Ministry of Energy & Water; Public power cooperation; civil protection agency; insurance companies
7 Human health Hospitals; Ministry of public health
8 Social vulnerability & sustainability Regional and local development & enterprise agencies and councils