CIRCE climate models

The main novel feature of the six CIRCE climate models is the incorporation of a realistic representation of the Mediterranean Sea including coupling between the Sea and atmosphere. These simulations (summarised below) provide the principle source of information about future climate for the CIRCE case studies.

CIRCE climate models: summary description

 Model acronym

Type of model, and boundary forcing

Spatial resolution of the atmospheric component


Stretched grid global model

50 km over the Mediterranean


Global model

~80 km


Regional model. Forcing from an IPSL GCM
(non-CIRCE) run

30 km


Global + regional model

30 km


Regional model.
Forcing from an ECHAM5 GCM (non-CIRCE) run

30 km


Regional model. Forcing from INGV

25 km

An overview ‘Information sheet on future climate: Climate projections for the CIRCE case studies has been produced, covering projections for mean temperature, temperature extremes, annual and winter precipitation for each case study.