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Rural case study: Judean Foothills, Israel

Map of ApulilaThe Judean Foothills (in Israel) are extremely diverse in climate and natural ecosystems, and have a rich historical and cultural legacy covering several thousand years.  However, the steep moisture gradient renders the region susceptible to climate variability and vulnerable to climate change impacts. In particular, the availability of water is a key environmental issue; it is the main limiting factor for organisms in drylands, biological activity changes with moisture at all levels, from leaf-scale photosynthesis to plant growth to landscape-scale vegetation composition and carbon sequestration. Climate hazards include consecutive years of drought, heat extremes, and dust storms.


Judean foothills information sheets:

Judean foothills indicators

Judean hills landscapemelon crops


Leading team

This research is coordinated by José Gruenzweig, HUJI, Israel.