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Climate observations - maximum temperature

Although this resource deals mostly with national average climates, it is important to take into consideration the geographical variations in climate that occur across countries. A national average may not be very appropriate when considering countries that include different climate regimes, strong contrasts in orography, etc. Maps are included here to show the geographic variations.

The maps on this page show the 1961-1990 average annual and seasonal maximum temperature across this country or region from the CRU TS observations (New et al., 1999). For the seasons, DJF = December to February, MAM = March to May, JJA = June to August, and SON = September to November averages.

The gridded data, including timeseries of monthly values for each 0.5° grid cell, and the underlying station data, are available in scientific formats from here and via a convenient Google Earth interface here.

National average 1961-1990 maximum temperature normals for each month of the year are shown in the table and figure below. Seasonal and annual values are also given.

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Max temp 29.3 28.8 28.7 27.7 26.0 23.7 23.7 26.1 29.4 30.9 30.6 29.3°C
Max temp 27.5 24.5 30.3 29.2 27.8°C

Data files

National-average 1961-1990 CRU TS observed normals can be downloaded: