National average climate information from ClimGen

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How to cite: Osborn et al. (2016)

Welcome to the ClimGen national average climate information website.

The purpose of this web-based tool is to support studies that need to consider the spread in projections of future climate change produced by different climate models under different emissions scenarios. It does not provide probabilistic projections of climate change.

Important. Before using this climate information, you should read about this climate information to understand the purpose of these climate projections and their limitations. Further caveats and limitations are also provided. You should also read about the data sources (observations and projections) used to construct this climate information website.


To access national average climate information, click the Locations link, select a region and then a country. The country name will appear in the menu at the left-hand side, select either the Observations or Projections link listed under the country name.

Once you have displayed information for a chosen country, use the links at the left-hand side to switch between observations and projections, and between projections for specific warming levels and scenarios (RCP or SRES).

Within each observations section, 'Quick links" near the top of each page allow you to switch between an overview (showing only annual temperature and precipitation maps) and individual climate variables (showing annual and seasonal maps).

Within each projections section, 'Quick links' near the top of each page allow you to switch between an overview showing annual temperature and precipitation projections, a page showing seasonal temperature and precipitation projections, and a data page where data files for projections in all the climate variables can be found.

To switch between countries: for nearby countries, click the 'Quick links' near the top of each page, while for more distant countries it will be quicker to return to the main Locations page (left-hand side) and select a new region and country.


If you use the information provided here, please acknowledge its use and cite this reference:

  • Osborn TJ, Wallace CJ, Harris IC and Melvin TM (2016) Pattern scaling using ClimGen: monthly-resolution future climate scenarios including changes in the variability of precipitation. Climatic Change 134, 353-369.