Climate Change is a global problem which will have impacts on us all. Examples of the impacts on various human activities are described in the links here.

At the same time no single country is to blame, no single country can fix it and no single country can avoid the consequences. So we need to take action at the international and national, as well as personal, level to cope with climate change. We need to reduce the size of the problem (mitigation) at the same time as learning to live with an inevitable amount of climate change (adaptation).

flooding image


Mitigation is defined as an anthropogenic intervention to reduce the anthropogenic forcing of the climate system; it includes strategies to reduce greenhouse gas sources and emissions and enhancing greenhouse gas sinks. (IPCC).


Adaptation can be defined as adjustment in natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climatic stimuli or their effects, which moderates harm or exploits beneficial opportunities. (IPCC).