ENSEMBLES Climate Change and its impacts at seasonal, decadal and centenial timescales - summary of research and results from the ENSEMBLES project.

ENSEMBLES regional climate information - this web portal provides briefing material for developers and users of regional climate information as well as access to data.

BBC Climate Change – from the BBC Weather Centre. Information about evidence, impacts, adaptation, policies and other links.

IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The IPCC provides scientific technical and socio-economic information in a policy-relevant but policy neutral way to decision makers. The information is based on scientific evidence and reflects existing viewpoints and consensus within the scientific community.

UN Gateway to Climate Change - A Gateway to the UN System's Work on Climate Change focussing on international action.

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) - Climate information, such as for climate monitoring, climate-data management, climate-change detection, seasonal-to-interannual climate predictions and assessments of the impacts of climate change.

Hadley Centre at the Met Office - Information about facts, impacts and history of climate change, including podcasts of UK scientists.

Open 2 - Open University/BBC site exploring some of the difficult questions forcing difficult choices.

UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) - Information to help organisations and individuals in the UK to assess and adpat to a changing climate. . Your chance to take part in the world's largest experiment to try to produce a forecast of the climate in the 21st century.

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