Understanding Climate Science

This web site developed by ENSEMBLES project scientists aims to explain the science of Climate Change to thenon-scientists. If, after browsing these pages, you have a better awareness of these matters, then our job is done. If you return to gain deeper understanding of some issues, so much the better!

Contributions from climate scientists introduce the methods and concepts of their research, give definitions of terms that may be unfamiliar, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The ENSEMBLES Project was an EU-funded initiative, which ended in December 2009. It's principle aim was to allow the uncertainty in long-term climate predictions to be explored, so that ultimately a clearer picture of future climate can be formed.

The project ran multiple climate models ('ensembles') to acquire a range of future projections. These were assessed to decide which outcomes are more likely (probable) than the others.

66 institutions from 19 countries participated in this 5-year project, which has provided useful outputs for many applications, including agriculture, health, water resources and insurance. The project conclusions will assist policy makers at all levels in determining future strategies to address climate change.

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