Paleoclimatic data
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Paleoclimatic data

» Luterbacher et al NAO Reconstructions (Phil Jones)
» Miscellaneous dendrochronology data (Keith Briffa)
» Data used in some of the figures in the paper in Reviews of Geophysics by Jones and Mann (2004).
» The "Schweingruber tree-ring data set" (Tim Osborn)
» Data used in the IPCC AR4 "Palaeoclimate" chapter (Tim Osborn)
» Data and other materials associated with some specific CRU published papers

Datasets are managed by a variety of people and projects within CRU. Some are available on-line, others must be requested from the person responsible for them.

Files ending in ".gz" can be decompressed using gzip (most platforms) or WinZip (Windows 9x/NT).

The various datasets on the CRU website are provided for all to use, provided the sources are acknowledged. Acknowledgement should preferably be by citing one or more of the papers referenced on the appropriate page. The website can also be acknowledged if deemed necessary. CRU will endeavour to update the majority of the data pages at timely intervals although this cannot be guaranteed by specific dates.

Last updated: November 2012, Mike Salmon

These datasets are made available under the Open Database License.
Any rights in individual contents of the datasets are licensed under the
Database Contents License under the conditions of Attribution and Share-Alike.
Please use the attribution Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia