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ENSEMBLES regional information: what, where, when? 
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This ENSEMBLES web portal provides briefing material for developers and users of regional climate information, together with links to relevant datasets and tools, including the ENSEMBLES downscaling portal.  

The ENSEMBLES project has developed an ensemble prediction system for climate change to produce probabilistic estimates of uncertainty in future climate at seasonal to decadal and longer timescales.

The exploitation of the ENSEMBLES results is maximised by linking the predictions to an extensive range of applications including agriculture, forestry, human health, water resources and energy use and demand.

This web portal is intended to provide easy access to regional climate information and results for ENSEMBLES applications users as well as the wider user community.

ENSEMBLES is funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research at the UK Met Office and uses the collective expertise of 66 institutes

More general information about climate change is provided by the ENSEMBLES Public Understanding of Science website.


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