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Previous dissertation topics

Ball, Richard2014Biotic enhancement of weathering and its effect on the carbonate-silicate weathering feedback and atmospheric CO2 and climate
Barrell, Christopher2014Projecting changing snow in Scotland with climate change
Cooper, Annabel2014Karaca Cave speleothem high resolution record through the last glacial maximum 24.5 to 18.4KA in Northeast Turkey
Garrard, Nicholas2014Direct emissions of nitrous oxide from soils: A comparison of two agricultural regimes
Harrison, Jonathan2014An analysis of changes in atmospheric circulation over the UK during the extended winter months using reconstructed Lamb Weather Types from 1697-2014
Haslett, Sophie2014Assessing the climatological average of atmospheric nitrogen inputs to the Atlantic Ocean using results from large-scale field samples
McCullen, Paul2014Fuel switching in the UK electricity sector during Phase II of the EU ETS
Ariizumi, Rina 2013The dynamics of Niche Protection: a case study of the UK hydrogen transport development
Baker, Lee 2013Reconstructing the winter North Atlantic Oscillation using Greenland ice cores and a long Dutch temperature record
Donaldson, Chris2013Private flood mitigation and individual motivation: an analysis of a flood-prone community in Great Yarmouth
Keirstead, David 2013World Wide Views on Global Warming: An analysis of post-participatory environmental learning effects in the United States
Malic, Milica 2013Communication of environmental and climate change issues on social network sites, the scientists perspective: case study of digital practices of researchers engaged in environmental and climate change issues in the Environmental School, University of East Anglia
Romero Alvarez, Johana2013Precipitation extremes in the Andean Region in Colombia: annual and seasonal variability associated with El Nino Southern Oscillation in observed data and in a future climate scenario
Simpson, Ben2013Factors governing Barn Owl Tyto alba breeding: an analysis of the importance of habitat selection
Tarttelin, Thomas 2013Application of carbon offsets in UK wetlands: Exploring their potential and understanding their current implementation
Bishop, Chris2012Home and Holiday - a study of winter tourist attitudes and behaviour towards climate change and the environment
Harman, Jonathan2012Between-species climate signal variability in oak-ring width data
Henke, Lilo2012The palaeoclimate at Sea Mere, Norfolk. Application and evaluation of stable isotope analysis and clumped isotope thermometry on lacustrine sediments
Nsikan-George, Emana2012Investigating woodland communities perception of participation in forest protection programmes: a case study of The Porter Valley, South Yorkshire, Sheffield
Pickers, Penelope2012Investigating bias in the application of three curve fitting programs to atmospheric time series data
Rahman, Shahriar2012GIS Modelling of potential coastal flooding caused by sea level rise in Bangladesh
Sheehan, Stephen2012Assessing the economic and environmental benefits of introducing renewable microgeneration into commercial and industrial buildings: A Case Study
Yokoyama, Yoko2012How are variations in atmospheric circulation and sea ice in the Sea of Okhotsk related?
Adams, Sophie2011Climate change and deglaciation: the effects at polar volcanoes
Adhikari, Ramesh2011Historical climate analysis and future predictions of climate variability in the Karnau River Basin
Aljohani, Rashed2011Climatic extremes over Saudi Arabia during 1980-2010
Cooper, Richard2011Reconstructing a millennium of East Anglian hydroclimate variability: the construction and interpretation of a regional oak chronology
Dang, Ly Tuyet2011Understanding the capacity of certified emission reduction revenue to help bus rapid transit projects overcome the barriers
Douad, Mona2011Addressing gender in adaptation to climate change in Egypt
Iglesias, Fernando2011Investigating geoengineering solutions to meet the 2ˇC target
Pillala, Daizy2011Comparing rain gauge and radar rainfall in the Wensum Catchment
Pope, Richard2011What is the quality/scientific credibility of the Past Weather Code data from the Integrated Surface Data dataset (1973-2008) and can it be used to detect global weather patterns and natural oscillations?
Robinson, Katharine2011Examining evidence for a persistently positive North Atlantic Oscillation during the Medieval Climate Anomaly
Stubbings, Alexander2011How can agriculture in Bangladesh adapt to biophysical risks? A case study utilizing mixed methods
Taylor, Sam2011An investigation into the surface water salinity and water balance of the Thurne Catchment of Northeast Norfolk under current conditions and future climate scenarios
Turkington, Thea2011Future drought in Central America: a comparison of an aggressive mitigation scenario with the SRES A1B scenario using the Standardized Precipitation Index
Walker, Ben2011The consideration of climate change adaptation within local transport plans: how and why does this vary?
Walsh, Anne2011A comparison of the effects of ENSO warm events with El Nino Modoki events on Europe
Williams, Catherine2011Does the Southern Atlantic geomagnetic anomaly modulate stream flow in the Murray-Darling Basin?
Almaashi, Abdullkarim2010Assessment of climate extremes in Saudi Arabia, 1980 to 2009
Atkinson, Alexander2010The solar-climate link: interpolating 18O changes from a variety of speleothems with solar proxies over the past 2000 years
Beard, Philippa2010Hourly precipitation observations over the UK: diurnal cycles and changes in intensity
Cherry, Catherine2010Distributing the burden of climate change mitigation: the influence of science, ethics and development
Diamond, Sean2010The GHG emissions impact of including energy storage systems on the electric utility grid
Hopkins, Nick2010A study of sedimentary sucession of Pleistocene deposits exposed at Mangreen Quarry, Norwich, UK
Jones, Sarah2010Expert perceptions of relationships and trade-offs between climate geoengineering and adaptation to climate change
Pithan, Felix2010A model study of surface energy balance on Chhota Shigri glacier in western Himalaya, India
Powell, Louise2010A feasibilty study into the implementation of a constructed wetland system within a hospital environment
Sears, Edward2010Life-cycle assessment of biochar from the BIOMASS gasification CHP power plant
Small, Tony2010A study of the efficacy of the UKCP09 climate projections for the south east of England impact and adaptation user community
Trang, Dao Minh2010Climate policy integration into the Vietnamese cross-sectoral and energy sector policies
Upson, Sophie2010The reliability of proxy-based reconstructions of the North Atlantic Oscillation
Walsh, Sarah-Jane2010Emission profile of a keystone fishery and recommendations for fuel management - a case study of the Isle of Man scallop fishery
Wilson, Jamie2010Evaluating climate model projections using recent observed trends in global mean temperature
Wright, Ben2010Closing the (Climate)Gate? An analysis of the way that the independent climate change email review results are represented in the media
Bellamy, Robert2009Perceptions of abrupt climate change: a study of values and beliefs using cultural theory
Brooks, David2009An investigation into the descriptive use of the term 'abrupt' in climate change
Dickinson, Jane2009An empirical analysis of the contribution of European Seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) to endogenous carbonate production
Graugaard, Jeppe2009A mixed-method case study of the Lewes Pound and its capacity to build resilience in the community of Lewes
Harris, Christopher2009Using a weather generator to assess the influence of climate change-induced multi-seasonal drought on water resource vulnerability at Weir Wood Reservoir, North Sussex, UK
Hart, Rebecca2009A buzz among the bees: modelling the response of bumblebee (Bombus) distribution to future climates
Hopkin, Kathy2009The 'PCT Effect': evidence from voluntary carbon reduction initiatives
Hughes, Nichola2009Climate feedback from northern wetland methane emissions
Leavett, Ruth2009A climatology of high windspeed events at Rothera, Antarctic Peninsula
Marunye, Joalene2009Analysis of extreme temperature and precipitation in Lesotho and their relationship with agricultural production
Masisi, Dorcas2009El-Nino and future changes in drought frequency in southern Africa
Osman, Saber2009Mainstreaming climate change adaptation policies within the National Development Plan in Egypt
Petit, Laetitia2009A comparison of energy supply in France and the United kingdom
Price, Jennifer2009Use of ArcGIS to investigate potential future changes in the distribution of the montane vegetation zone in the Cairngorms under a range of UKCP09 climate change scenarios
Raven, Michael2009Climate change caused by desiccation of the Aral Sea, 1960-2008
Rison, Christopher2009Onshore wind power in the UK: an analysis of the existing capacity, and predictions of generation from new capacity
Rose, Lucy2009A study exploring the use of militaristic characterisations of climate change in British quality newspapers
Taylor, Sarah2009Who is responsible? An individual's attribution of responsibility for climate change
Wang, Mingming2009Cutting-edge climate projections for the public: but how do UK newspapers tell the story of UKCP09?
AlZakwani, Samiya2008The effect of climate change on water resources in Oman
Anastasiadis, Konstantinos2008The consideration of the climate change issue in environmental impact statements
Bouquet, Alan2008Air flow influences on climate: the relationship between UK climate and circulation changes since 1881
Cambridge, Abe2008Feasibility study for a solar PV / micro-wind turbine installation for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
Colyer, Helen2008A carbon audit of The Broads hire boat industry
Damerell, Gillian2008Diffusivity along the North Scotia Ridge, with an 18-month time series in Shag Rocks Passage
Davis, Jodie2008A feasibility study of the potential to estimate changing NAO state using within-tree changes in radial widths
Driscoll, Robin2008UK tree phenology and its relation to climate, past and present
Dunham, James2008Does probability quantification of climate change projections aid decision making?
Ferreira, Kerian2008A vulnerability assessment of the northwestern aquifers of Trinidad to the effects of climate change on saline intrusion and groundwater recharge
Galvin, Ray2008Learning from Freiburg's climate protection endeavours
Hasanov, Jamshed2008Association between meteorological variables / seasonality and stroke hospital admissions in the central part of Tajikistan
Jones, Steve2008Simulating the northern annular mode in the atmosphere: a method for evaluating climate model performance
Kakegawa, Azumi2008Evaluation of climate change indicators adopted by the regional assemblies in England: 'Do the indicators meet the requirements of strategic environmental assessment?'
Kelly, Annabel2008The greenness of REDD: the potential benefits to biodiversity from a mechanism to reduce emissions from biodiversity
Kueng, Kristina2008The cement industry and climate change
Llanillo Del Rio, Pedro JosŽ2008The influence of planetary geoengineering on the surface air temperature
Lumb, Peter2008Developing a methodology for corporate carbon footprinting: a case study of Banner Business Supplies Ltd.
Mullan, Donal2008Palaeoclimatic proxy indicators: peatland archives of Holocene climate change in Britain and Ireland
Nguyen-Quang, Thanh2008The effects of climate change to stone deterioration by salt weathering at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Norwich, UK
Ouk, Navann2008Potential impacts of climate change on agricultural sector in Cambodia
Sabogal Mogollon, Javier2008Reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD) and its opportunities to forest protection: Colombian case
Vaddhanaphuti, Chaya2008Understanding of and response to global warming in Don Kaew village, northern Thailand
Walton2008Towards a third-party local climate impacts profile for a district council in Essex: lessons learned from a ten-year media search and an attempt to set critical coping thresholds for future extreme events
Wyatt, David2008Climate change and Christianity: can the Church of England play an important role in influencing the UK's climate change policy
Bishop, Andrew2007A cartographic, remote sensing and GIS-based approach to examining glacial lake outburst flooding hazards in the Nepalese Himalayas
Briggs, Julian2007Climate change communication: applying integral theory
Clark, Isabel2007The effects of climate change on the distribution of dragonflies (odonata) in the United Kingdom
Crook, Julia2007Sensitivity of Southern Hemisphere climate to 3-dimensional ozone concentration
Davis, Shelley2007Business response to climate change: the role of energy management
Dawkins, Shoni2007Air flow influences on temperature and rainfall over South Eastern Australia
Downy, Frances2007Sub-tropical temperature and salinity variations in the Gulf Stream during abrupt climate variability
Drake, Nicholas2007The introduction of a pilot scheme to reduce waste and energy at home: achieved through a community targeted event and participation programme, with focus on climate change education for domestic carbon reduction
Faisal, Arif2007Analysis of the shifting of phenophases of common British wild plants in response to climate change
Forshaw, Melanie2007Modelling millennial scale CO2 neutralization using an Earth system model of intermediate complexity
Height, Marc2007The social cost of carbon: discounting, scenarios and society
Hobbs, James2007Determining the role of the Arctic Oscillation in the recent reduction in Northern Hemisphere sea ice cover
Hodgson, Alan2007Estimation of the effects of climate change on potential groundwater recharge across Europe. A study from 1901 to 2100
Ingram, Victoria2007A study into public opinion of the impacts of climate change in the Dedham Vale
Le Ruez, James2007Investigating the use of carbon calculators as tools for facilitating personal carbon emission reduction
Miles, Christopher2007The role of the solar radiation dose in modulating sea surface DMS concentrations examined using in situ data from the ATM Project
Persechino, AurŽlie2007Tropical cyclone intensity and its relationship with the sea surface temperature and specific humidity in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
Sapart, Celia2007Measuring methane concentrations and stable isotope ratios in ice cores: testing and evaluating a new dry extraction method
Shuker, Christopher2007Increased storm surge intensity and frequency off the coast of East Anglia due to sea level rise and climate change
Burnell, Oliver2006Climate change in Le Grand Bornand, Haute Savoie, France
Cairns, Peter2006The hydrothermal impacts of climate change upon fish species in the River Wensum
Edberg, Oliver2006An assessment of the impacts of climate change upon the winter tourism industry in Are, Sweden
Hemmings, Damian2006The potential economic impacts of climate change on the dive tourism industry in Tobago
Heuston, David2006A review of the social and economic consequences of retreating glaciers in the tropical Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Howarth, Candice2006Adapting to climate extremes in developing countries: a case study of Mexico
Hoy, Lisa2006Plan of a climate change impact assessment on mountain glaciers in Central Asia.
Huggett, Jonathan2006A study into the past and future impact of climate change on river flow and ecology in East Anglia
Keene, Christopher2006Attitudes of pensioners and single parents to personal carbon trading
McSweeney, R.T.2006The influence of the Indian Ocean Dipole on seasonal rainfall and Rift Valley Fever in Kenya
Meister, Rakia2006Comparing the spatial pattern of model-simulated sea level changes with tide gauge observations
Molloy, Jarlath2006Contrails over the EU - aviation induced climate change
Munday, Paul2006The impact of sea-level rise upon a pristine estuarine environment; Newtown, Isle of Wight
Santos, Adriano2006A study of climate-extreme disaster prevention plans for the ENSO-sensitive region of Lambayeque in Northern Peru. Three plans are considered according to their strengths & weaknesses, of which key elements are discussed.
Sims, Lauren2006Adapting to climate change in small island states: an assessment of the tourism industries perception of risk and vulnerability and subsequent preparedness for climate change with reference to hurricanes in Grenada
Suggitt, Andrew2006Detecting anthropogenic climate change in European spring phenology
Tanaka, Yu2006Potential impacts of climate change and sea level rise on recharge and saline intrusion in North East Norfolk
Thapa, Rajkashwori2006Tourism and climate change: analysis of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions from the tourism industry in Nepal
Vamborg, Freja2006A country estate approach to carbon accounting and greenhouse gas mitigation strategies
Wales, Ross2006The impacts of sea-level rise on a soft cliff environment on the Isle of Wight
Williams, Nicola2006Corporate experience of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: the first eighteen months
Hodgson, Nicola2005The potential impacts of climate change on biodiversity, agriculture and tourism at Holkham Estate, north Norfolk
Jenkins, Katie2005An assessment of impacts of climate change on tourism businesses in Torbay, Devon with regards to future adaptation and mitigation responses
Liu, Qiang2005Emission from China's power sector: modification of an energy technology model
Sizer, David2005Future changes in direct radiative forcing over India due to sulphur dioxide pollution
Westhead, Peter2005Microclimate caused by renewable energy; a study into the weather affecting properties of wind farms
Fraser, Wesley 2004Reconstruction of palaeo-sea surface temperature within the Gulf of Corinth, Greece
Golby, Christopher 2004An investigation into the changing climate and snow patterns in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and response to future climate change
Gunn, Lara2004Reconstructing atmospheric histories of long-lived fluorinated greenhouse gases from polar firn air.
Hsu, Ching-Hsiu 2004Does the NAO affect drought around the Mediterranean?
Barraclough, Jack2003Investigating the impact of climate change on melanoma incidence rates
Bateman, Richard2003The development and application of a threshold-based decision-analysis tool for flood risk assessment under a changed climate using a small tributary of the River Axe in East Devon
Carr, Emma 2003An investigation of malaria incidence and the relationship with climatic, environmental and socio-economic influences
Georgiadis, Alexandros 2003The Warming Climate: impacts on the forest fire risk for southern Greece.
Kingston, Daniel 2003Potential bias in the reconstruction of Mediaeval Warm Period temperatures.
Lai, I-Chien 2003The investigation of the relationship between high ozone pollution and synoptic weather pattern in Taiwan.
McSweeney, Carol 2003Statistically downscaled precipitation for UK flood estimation under Climate Change Scenarios.
Johnson, Victoria 2002The Response of the 500mb Geopotential field to short-term Transient Solar Phenomena.
Monahan, J. 2002UK carbon emission abatement and the Building Regulations approved Document L1: The Conservation of Fuel and Power.
Roberts, Emma-Louise 2002Is NATA an improvement on COBA?
Sharp, Carolyn 2002A predictive study into the response of salt marsh accretionary dynamics to future sea level rise.
White, Sarah2002A comparative study of the staple isotope stratigraphy and crystallography of two Holocene speleothems from Lancaster Hole, Yorkshire.
Winne, Sarah2002Assessing the Impact of the November 2000 Flood in York across different socio-economic groups.
Avramides, S.2001Assessing vulnerability and the impact of climate change on nature reserves in Norfolk, and the implications for management
Darch, Geoffrey2001An assessment of the institutions and plans for managing the Coast of East Anglia in response to climate change over the next 100 years.
Mounier, Flore 2001Study of El Nino impact on global atmospheric temperature through experimentation and modelling.
Zaehle, Sšnke 2001Assessing the impact of ENSO on agriculture: a Northern Vietnam case-study for rice production.
Anslow, Grant2000A meteorological synopsis and storm severity index analysis of four severe storms of the twentieth century.
Clemence, Bethan 2000Reconstructing the North Atlantic Oscillation: an evaluation of a new long-term record.
Francke, Carl-Johan2000Global Warming and Meteorological drought in East Africa
Herbert, Jonathan 2000The Impacts of the 1982/83 and 1997/98 Super El Nino Events.
Metcalfe, Philip 2000A study of climate change in North Parana, Brazil.
Minia, Z. 2000Anthropogenic greenhouse gas induced climate change scenarios for West Africa based in GCM Outputs.
Teck, Rod 2000Changes in the location and frequency of intense North Atlantic winter storms
Ward, Catherine 2000Interannual variability in Antarctic sea ice extent and surface temperature/mean sea level pressure associations.
Johnson, Keri 1999How can Tanzania's agricultural sector adapt to a changing climate.
O'Connor, Nicholas1999The importance of biomass production and carbon storage in the United Kingdom as a response to the Kyoto Protocol.
Schofield, Steve 1999Climate change and water resources in Zimbabwe: an evaluation of predicted impacts and proposed policy responses
Dye, Caroline 1998An assessment of the agricultural and climatic Impacts of the El Nino phenomenon on Australia
Goodman, Sarah1998Scoping study to investigate the impact of the El Nino Southern Oscillation on health
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Harris, Peter1998Typhoons, ENSO and the Western North Pacific.
Kanamaru, Hideki 1998The Impacts of climate change on Africa: an assessment of the relative vulnerabilities of African countries.
LeGouais, G.R. 1998The effect of atmospheric fronts on the atmosphere-ocean heat fluxes.
Luboyera, Festus 1998Using GIS to predict grape distribution changes due to climate change in South Africa.
Mori, Naoko 1998Typhoons and their economic impact on Japan during El Nino/Southern Oscillation events.
Webley, Peter1998A principal component analysis of the Lamb Classification on a daily time scale: natural seasons, singularities and weather folklore (1871 - 1990)
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Falconer, Alison 1997An analysis of the spatial and temporal variations of secondary fires in England and Wales, 1946-95
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Pernstich, Philippe 1997Assessing the potential of 'contraction and convergence' as a focal point for climate change negotiations.
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Baxter, Colin1996Inter-annual and cyclical variations in precipitation in the Northern Great Plains of the United States 1970-1979 and 1980-1989
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Hellstršm, Cecelia 1996Assessment of the Synoptic Circulation of the Mediterranean area in the Hadley-Centre General Circulation Model.
Langdon, P.G.1996Analysis of variations in Palaeomonsoon Circulation over the Asian Continent throughout the Quaternary.
Nicholson, Kylie 1996Intercomparison of NO_ and O_ photodissociation and solar irradiance.
Sanders, George 1996Observing nocilucent clouds as a tracer for future climate change.
Sheard, Nicola1996Variations in the frequency of extreme precipitation events in the United Kingdom during the instrumental period
Fisher-Payne, Suvi 1995Climate change and the water resources of Egypt.
Fox, Margaret 1995Exploration of relationships between proxy climate data and spatial patterns of instrumental climate data for the Northern Hemisphere
Meze, Elisabeth 1995Tropical cyclones in the South Indian Ocean - natural variability and possible changes through global warming.
Wilson, Natalie1995Spatial and temporal variability of precipitation in Turkey during the period 1951-1990, in relation to regional pressure patterns.