Data from Keith Briffa

Reconstructions of summer temperatures at each of 24 grid point locations in the western U.S. In 115 the data span 1850 - 1983. In 125 they span 1600 - 1983. A line preceeds each series, containing the mean and standard deviation. The data are in normalised form and can be transformed into degree Celsius anomalies by multiplying each value by the standard deviation, adding the mean, subtracting 1000, then dividing by 10. This will give values relative to the 1951-70 base period.

Regional mean reconstructions. Five series each spanning 1600 - 1983 as °C anomalies.

From a Quaternary Research paper. 25 individual grid point reconstructions as a year-by-year shape map. Reconstituted, each grid point series spans 1750 - 1975. From the same paper, three regional mean series (United Kingdom, Scandanavia, Central Europe).

Graph Data runs from 1750 - 1975, and are plotted as degrees Celsius anonalies from the base period 1951-70.
This graph is also available as a PostScript file.

Keith Briffa