Riverflow reconstructions for England and Wales
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Riverflow reconstructions for England and Wales

Riverflow records in the UK are generally relatively short in length, many beginning in the late-1950s. Rainfall records, in contrast, are numerous with many extending back into the early decades of the 19th century. In the early-1980s, work began to extend riverflow records for a number of catchments using a simple rainfall-runoff model. The earliest work was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and updated in the 1990s for the National Rivers Authority (NRA) and the Environment Agency (EA). Recent work has extended the reconstructions to 2002.

The latest updating of the reconstructed flow series was funded by the UK Environment Agency (Science Report SC040052/SR; EA Project Manager Dr Rob Wilby). The full Project Report Adobe Portable Document Format file is linked alongside the catchment precipitation and reconstructed flow series.

Project (No X1-045) datasets

catchment rainfall (mm) reconstructed flows (cumecs)
1. Wye to Redbrook (Wye) 1865-200201/1865-12/2002
2. Exe to Thorverton (Exe) 1865-200201/1865-12/2002
3. Eden to Temple Sowerby (Ed1) 1865-200201/1865-12/2002
4. Eden to Warwick Bridge (Ed2) 1865-200201/1865-12/2002
5. Tyne to Bywell (Tyn) 1865-200201/1865-12/2002
6. Tees to Broken Scar (Tee) 1865-200201/1865-12/2002
7. Wharfe to Addingham (Whf) 1865-200201/1865-12/2002
8. Wensum to Costessey Mill (Wns) 1865-200201/1865-12/2002
9. Thames to Eynsham (Thm) 1865-200201/1865-12/2002
10. Ely Ouse to Denver Complex (Ous) 1865-200201/1865-12/2002
11. Medway to Teston (Med) 1850-200206/1850-12/2002
12. Itchen to Highbridge/Allbrook (Ich)1850-200204/1851-12/2002
13. Teifi to Glan Teifi (Tef) 1855-200204/1855-12/2002
14. Dee to Manley Hall/Erbistock (Dee) 1858-200205/1858-12/2002
15. Derwent to Derby/Longbridge (Der) 1850-200210/1850-12/2002

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