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Grid-Point Pressure Data for the Northern Hemisphere

This dataset contains monthly mean-sea-level pressure data (MSLP) data on a 5° latitude by 10° longitude grid-point basis. The sources of the original chart data are given in Jones (1987). This dataset is also discussed further by Basnett and Parker (1997) and is compared with a similar dataset available from NCAR (Trenberth and Paolino, 1980) by Williams and van Loon (1976).

File format
for year = 1873 to 2000
  for month = 1 to 12
    format(5i6) ?,?,month,year,northpole
    for xbox = 1 to 36 (0E,10E,20E,30E,...,30W,20W,10W)
      format(16i6) ?,85N,80N,75N,70N,...,25N,20N,15N
Missing data represented by -32768.
To convert value x to millibars: mb=(x/100)+1000

Filename Size
mslpnh.dat.gz 1.6 megabytes5.4 megabytesNorthen Hemisphere Mean Sea Level Pressure
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