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North Sea Caspian Pattern (NCP)

The NCP dataset presented here is calculated from the normalised 500hpa pressure difference between averages of North Sea (0°E, 55°N and 10°E, 55°N) and North Caspian (50°E, 45°N and 60°E, 45°N) centres of action. This is the same formulation used as Kutiel and Benaroch (2002) who selected these locations by use of linear correlation between pressure grid points and a GIS approach.

File format (NCP)
for year = 1948 to 2005
  for month = 1 to 12
    format(i4,i3,f7.2) year, month, value
Missing values represented by -99.99

Filename SizeDescription
ncp.dat 9 kilobytesNCP

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