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Mediterranean Oscillation Index (MOI)

NEW (February 2017): Update from 1948 to 2016:

moi1.output.dat covers Algiers/Cairo

moi2.output.dat covers Gibraltar/Israel

Note that early NCEP data (1948-1967) has a problem relating to SLP, this will affect derived products such as these MOI indices.

Note that the previous versions (1958 to 2010) did not include leap year days (29/02) for 2004 and 2008 due to a fault in the programs. This has been corrected for the updated files.

The MOI is defined by Palutikof et al. (1996) and Conte et al. (1989) as the normalized pressure difference between Algiers (36.4°N, 3.1°E) and Cairo (30.1°N, 31.4°E) A second version of the index can be calculated from Gibraltar's Northern Frontier (36.1°N, 5.3°W) and Lod Airport in Israel (32.0°N, 34.5°E) (Palutikof et al., 2003). Here data is presented for both variants, using pressure interpolated (16 point Bessel) from NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data.

New Daily File format (MOI)
for year = 1948 to 2016
  for month = 1 to 12
    format(F5.0, 2F3.0, F7.3) year, month, day, value
Missing values represented by -99.99

Filename SizeDescription
moi1.output.dat 8 kilobytesMOI: Algiers and Cairo
moi2.output.dat 8 kilobytesMOI: Israel and Gibraltar

Previous updates

August 2015: Updated to 2014

November 2014: Updated to 2013

October 2013: Updated to 2012

May 2011: Indices are now daily. Initial data files run from 1958 to 2010

Thanks to Andrew Harding for updating the index. Future updates are planned. Please contact me ( if you wish to access the software routines that calculate the MOI indices from the NCAR Reanalysis Data.

The previous monthly index is still available to allow comparisons to be made:

Old Monthly File format (MOI)
for year = 1958 to 2000
  for month = 1 to 12
    format(i4,i3,f7.2) year, month, value
Missing values represented by -99.99

Filename SizeDescription
moac.dat 8 kilobytesMOI: Algiers and Cairo
moig.dat 8 kilobytesMOI: Israel and Gibraltar

Last updated: February 2017, Ian Harris.

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