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Trans Polar Index (TPI)

The TPI is defined as the normalized pressure difference between Hobart and Stanley. The index was first suggested by Pittock (1980,1984) and has been updated and analysed further by Jones et al. (1999).

File format (TPI)
for year = 1895 to endyear
  format(i5,12f7.2,f8.2) year, 12 * monthly value, annual value
Missing values represented by -9.99

File format (Station pressure)
format(i3,i5,i5,a) ?, ?, endyear, sitename
for year = 1895 to endyear
  format(i4,1x,12i6) year, 12 * monthly value
Missing values represented by -10
Divide by 10 for millibars

Filename SizeDescription
tpi.dat 12 kilobytesTPI
tpi_hob.dat 16 kilobytesPressure data for Hobart, Australia
tpi_stan.dat 16 kilobytesPressure data for Stanley, Falklands
tpi_cappem.dat 12 kilobytesPressure data for Cape Pembroke/Stanley/Mt Pleasant, Falklands
Turney et al. (2015) submitted
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