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CRU symposium on future climate scenarios
Tuesday 4th September 2007

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A CRU mini-symposium on scenarios of possible future climate will be held on Tuesday 4th September 2007.

The purpose will be to increase communication within CRU about complementary research that is being undertaken on the subject of climate scenarios, covering all topics including GCMs, RCMs, downscaling, future extremes, pattern scaling, probability, impacts of climate change, etc.

There will be a number of short and informal talks and discussion, plus some refreshments and perhaps drinks or a meal in the evening.

  • Organiser: Tim Osborn
  • Venue: ZICER seminar room (top floor of the ZICER building)
  • Time: Tuesday 4th September, 2pm onwards
Speaker Title Presentation Time
(including 5 mins questions)
Introduction 2.00-2.10
Thomas Kleinen What is a scenario? 15 mins 2.10-2.30
Carol McSweeney The spatial scale of precipitation - future changes and influence on precipitation statistics 30 mins 2.30-3.05
Discussion 3.05-3.15
Clare Goodess The challenges of developing probabilistic regional climate projections 30 mins 3.15-3.50
Tim Osborn ClimGen: a climate scenario generator 20 mins 3.50-4.15
Discussion and Refreshments! 4.15-4.45
Mike Hulme How do UK climate scenarios compare with recent observations? 10 mins 4.45-5.00
Phil Jones Using the CRU weather generator for UK climate scenarios 25 mins 5.00-5.30
Discussion and clearing up 5.30-6.00
Meal (venue to be confirmed) 6.00-onwards
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