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IDL (Interactive Data Language) is one of the more commonly used data analysis and visualisation packages in the Climatic Research Unit. Due to the cost of IDL, the Unit has limited licenses.

How to use CRU's IDL licenses

Information to get you started.


Settings to make sure your graphics appear in your PC window.

Tim Osborn's IDL library

I have developed a range of IDL routines to do useful things. They are automatically available to IDL users. There is some online help for each routine on this.

How to use CRU's IDL licenses

CRU has two IDL licenses:
  • Node-locked license
    • Current version: IDL5.0.3
    • This license is no longer supported, so no updates will be provided.
    • This license is for UNIX only, and is tied to
    • Most IDL programs are compatible between the two licenses, but note that if you use some of the newer features in the "floating license" then they may not work on this older "node-locked license", and also note that if you use IDL "SAVE" files for storing intermediate results from the newer version, you won't be able to "RESTORE" them in this older version.

      • To access IDL on crua4, log on to crua4 and issue the command:
        source ~f055/idlsetup_unix.job
      • If you plan to use IDL regularly, then you can put the above command into your ~/.cshrc.mine file, so that it always sets up IDL each time you log on. This is the same command as for the newer crua6 IDL license, so whichever Alpha you log into, it should make the appropriate version of IDL available.
      • Having issued the above command, just type idl to start an IDL session.

    • This license is limited to six simultaneous users. Each user may open as many sessions as they like (but crua4 has limited memory and processor speed so open too many and it may run slower!).
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