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CRU symposium on weather extremes
Wednesday 2nd April

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All presentations (powerpoint files) are available by clicking in the agenda table below.

A CRU symposium on weather/climate extremes will be held on Wednesday 2nd April 2003. The purpose will be to increase communication within CRU about complementary research that is being undertaken on the subject of weather and climate extremes, covering all topics from statistics, analysis of observations and trends, validation of climate models, generation of future climate scenarios, and impacts of extremes.

  • Organisers: Tim Osborn, Clair Hanson, Marie Ekstrom, Stephen Blenkinsop
  • Venue:Elizabeth Fry building room EF 01.11
  • Time:Wednesday 2nd April, 2pm onwards
Speaker Title Presentation Time
Introduction 2.00-2.10
Anders Moberg Evaluation of daily temperature maxima and minima in the HadRM3H simulations: comparisons with observed station data across Europe moberg.ppt 2.10-2.25
Matt Livermore All about MICE (Modelling the Impact of Climate Extremes) liverm.ppt 2.25-2.40
Stephen Blenkinsop Observations of extreme temperature events: trends & causes blenki.ppt 2.40-2.55
Discussion 2.55-3.10
Marie Ekstrom Assessment of HadRM3 extreme precipitation ekstro.ppt 3.10-3.25
Clare Goodess Overview of STARDEX research on extremes (STAtistical and Regional dynamical Downscaling of EXtremes) goodes.ppt 3.25-3.40
Malcolm Haylock What's STARDEX up to? hayloc.ppt 3.40-3.55
Discussion and Refreshments! 3.55-4.30
John Caesar Extremes research at the Hadley Centre caesar.ppt 4.30-4.45
Tim Mitchell Scaling and scenarios: the ghosts of data past, present and future mitche.ppt 4.45-5.00
Discussion 5.00-5.30
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