Climate Variables

acronym abbreviation variable units
cld cloud cloud cover percentage
dtr T range diurnal temperature range degrees Celsius
frs frost frost day frequency days
tmn T min daily minimum temperature degrees Celsius
tmp T mean daily mean temperature degrees Celsius
tmx T max daily maximum temperature degrees Celsius
pre precip precipitation total millimetres
vap vapour vapour pressure hecta-Pascals
wet wetdays wet day frequency days

Time scales

The values supplied are at time scales of a month or longer. Day-to-day variations are not supplied. The temperature values are the monthly (or seasonal, or annual) means of the daily statistics; for example, the daily minimum temperature for January is the monthly mean of the 31 minimum temperatures during January.

Temperature variables

The temperature variables are related as follows: the diurnal temperature range is the difference between the daily minimum and maximum temperatures; the daily 'mean' temperature is the mid-point (median) between the daily minimum and maximum temperatures.

Frequency variables

The frost frequency is the number of days in a month in which daily minimum temperature dropped below zero degrees Celsius. The wet day frequency is the number of days in a month in which precipitation occurs.