Temperature Scenario Maps for the Alps

Contribution to STARDEX deliverables D17 and D18 by University of Bern

Dimitrios Gyalistras

28. July 2005

Downscaling method:Canonical Correlation Analysis (variant 21D6T1AAC).
Predictors:Temperatures at 850hPa, Sector D6.
Predictands:Seasonal temperature statistics at 60 Alpine locations (map, list).
Model calibration:1958-2000.
Baseline period:1961-1990.
Scenario period:2071-2100.

All graphs show differences in downscaled scenario period means minus baseline period means.
Scenario A2 Average from the 3 realizations A2a-c
Scenario A2a GCM experiment ha3p-a2a
Scenario A2b GCM experiment ha3p-a2b
Scenario A2c GCM experiment ha3p-a2c
Scenario B2 GCM experiment ha3p-b2a

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