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Welcome to MICE. Funded by the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Programme (Contract EVK20CT2001-0018), MICE examines the impact of climate extremes. This site  disseminates MICE reports and data to the scientific community and stakeholders. 

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11 Sep, 2005


  • Identify and catalogue   extremes in observed and modelled climate data.
  • Assess future changes in climate extremes using Extreme Value Theory.
  • Assess the impact of     changes in extremes.
  • Communicate the results to stakeholders.

Why worry about climate extremes?
After all, extremes are very rare events. But, what if we are likely to get more frequent and bigger floods, droughts, and storms?
Find out more at the MICE Climate Extremes Gateway

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MICE is part of a co-operative cluster of projects exploring future changes in extreme events in response to global warming. The other members of the cluster are STARDEX and PRUDENCE. This research is highly relevant to current climate related problems in Europe.

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