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Hulme, M., Zhao, Z-C. and Jiang, T., 1994
“Recent and future climate change in East Asia.”
International Journal of Climatology 14, 637-658
(keywords: Asia climate change historical projections forecasting)

Hulme, M. and Zhao, Z., 1994
“Century-scale series of annual and seasonal precipitation anomalies for East Asia.”
pp.911-917 in: Trends '93: A Compendium of Data on Global Change (Eds. T.A. Boden, D.P. Kaiser, R.J. Sepanski and F.W. Stoss). ORNL/CDIAC-65 Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
(keywords: precipitation Asia historical)

Hulme, M., Wigley, T.M.L., Jiang, T., Zhao, Z-C., Wang, F., Ding, Y., Leemans, R. and Markham, A., 1992
“Climate change due to the greenhouse effect and its implications for China.”
WWF International, Gland, Switzerland, 57pp (English and Chinese versions)
(keywords: climate change global warming greenhouse China impacts)

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