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Publications list for Yaaqub, R.R

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Yaaqub, R.R., Davies, T.D., Jickells, T.D. and Miller, J.M., 1991
“Trace elements in daily collected aerosols at a site in southeast England.”
Atmospheric Environ. 25(A), 985-996
(keywords: chemistry aerosols UK air pollution)

Jickells, T.D., Yaaqub, R.R., Kane, M.M., Rendell, A., Davies, T.D. and others., 1991
“Atmospheric inputs to the North Sea: a progress report.”
In: Proc. EUROTRAC Symp. 90 (Eds. P. Burrell et al.), pp.85-86 SPB Academic Publishing bv., The Hague, Netherlands.
(keywords: atmospheric chemistry oceanography pollution)

Watts, S.F., Yaquub, R. and Davies, T.D., 1987
“The use of Whatman 41 filter papers for high volume aerosol sampling.”
Atmospheric Environment 21, 2731-2732
(keywords: aerosol methodology)

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