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Wigington, P.D., Davies, T.D., Tranter, M. and Eshleman, K.N., 1989
“Episodic Acidification of Surface Waters due to Acidic Deposition.”
State of Science/Technology Report 12, National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program, Washington, D.C. pp.278
(keywords: acid rain hydrology deposition chemistry impacts)

Davies, T.D., Tranter, M., Wigington, P.D., Eshleman, K.N., Peters, N.E., van Sickle, J., DeWalle, D.R. and Murdoch, P. (in press), ----
“Prediction of episodic acidification with an empirical-mechanistic model.”
Hydrological Processes.
(keywords: acid rain pollution prediction modelling methodology impacts)

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