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Wallace, C. and others, 2009
“UK Climate Projections Science Report: Climate Change projections.”
Met Office Hadley Centre, Exeter, UK

Goodess, C.M., Hall, J., Best, M., Betts, R., Cabantous, L., Jones, P.D., Kilsby, C.G., Pearman, A. and Wallace, C.J., 2007
“Climate Scenarios and Decision Making Under Uncertainty”
Built Environment, Vol 33 No 1 10-30

Viner, D. and Wallace, C., 2004
“Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise.”
In: Sea Level Rise and Coastal Defence in the Southern North Sea. Country Land and Business Association and Climatic Research Unit.
(keywords: sea leve rise coastal defence North Sea Europe impacts climate change regional)

Wallace, C.J. and Osborn, T.J., 2002
“Recent and future modulation of the annual cycle.”
Climate Research 22, 1-11
(keywords: climate change)

Wallace, C.J. and Osborn, T.J., 2000
“Recent modulation of the seasonal cycle.”
In: Proc. 12th Conf. on Applied Climatology, Asheville, May 2000, pp.117-118 American Meteorological Society, Boston, U.S.A.
(keywords: climate change seasonal cycle)

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