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Carter, T.R., Hulme, M., Crossley, J.F., Malyshev, S., New, M.G., Schlesinger, M.E. and Tuomenvirta, H., 2000
“Climate change in the 21st century: interim characterisations based on the new IPCC emissions scenarios.”
Finnish Environment Institute Report No. 433, Helsinki, Finland, 148pp
(keywords: climate change IPCC emissions scenarios)

Carter, T.R., Hulme, M., Tuomenvirta, H., New, M.G., Osborn, T.J., Crossley, J., Doherty, R.M. and Jones, P.D., 1999
“Interim characterizations of regional climate and related changes up to 2100 associated with the SRES emissions scenarios.”
IPCC Working Group II, Technical Support Unit, Washington DC, USA. 33pp + maps
(keywords: regional climate change forecasting scenarios SRES emissions global warming IPCC)

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