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Brown, G.H., Tranter, M., Sharp, M.J., Davies, T.D. and Tsiouris, S., 1994
“Dissolved oxygen variations in Alpine glacial meltwaters.”
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 19, 247-253
(keywords: oxygen glaciology chemistry hydrology regional)

Tranter, M., Lamb, H.R., Brown, G.H., Davies, T.D., Sharp, M.J. and Tsiouris, S., 1994
“The oxygen content of snow-icemelt: hydrological implications.”
Final Report to NERC (GR9/1018), 9pp.
(keywords: oxygen snow glaciology hydrology pollution acid rain)

Tranter, M., Davies, T.D. and Tsiouris, S., 1992
“Laboratory experiments of rain-on-snow events.”
Hydrological Processes 6(2), 169-178
(keywords: snow methodology chemistry precipitation laboratory impacts climate change)

Davies, T.D., Brimblecombe, P., Tranter, M., Tsiouris, S., Vincent, C.E. and Abrahams, I.L., 1987
“The removal of soluble ions from melting snowpacks.”
In: Seasonal Snowcovers: Physics, Chemistry, Hydrology (Eds. H.G. Jones and W.J. Orville-Thomas), pp.337-392 D. Reidel
(keywords: ions snow chemistry)

Brimblecombe, P., Tranter, M., Tsiouris, S., Davies, T.D. and Vincent, C.E., 1986
“The chemical evolution of snow and meltwater.”
In: Modelling Snowmelt-induced Processes (Ed. E.M. Morris), pp.283-295 IAHS Publ. No. 155.
(keywords: chemistry snow pollution hydrology)

Tsiouris, S., Vincent, C.E., Davies, T.D. and Brimblecombe, P., 1985
“The elution of ions through field and laboratory snowpacks.”
Annals of Glaciology 7, 196-201
(keywords: acid snow chemistry precipitation)

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