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Thompson, I.P., Blackwood, I.L. and Davies, T.D., 1987
“The effect of polluted and leached snowmelt on the soil bacterial community - quantitative response.”
Environmental Pollution 43, 143-154
(keywords: pollution snow acid agriculture soil statistics)

Tranter, M., Abrahams, P.W., Blackwood, I., Davies, T.D., Brimblecombe, P., Thompson, I.P. and Vincent, C.E., 1987
“Changes in stream-water chemistry during snowmelt.”
In: Seasonal Snowcovers: Physics, Chemistry, Hydrology (Eds. H.G. Jones and W.J. Orville-Thomas), pp.337-392 D. Reidel
(keywords: chemistry snow acid pollution precipitation impacts)

Thompson, I.P., Blackwood, I.L. and Davies, T.D., 1987
“Soil bacterial changes upon snowmelt: laboratory studies of the effects of early and late meltwater fractions.”
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 45, 269-274
(keywords: soil snow acid chemistry impacts pollution)

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