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Thompson, D.W.J., Wallace, J.M., Jones, P.D. and Kennedy, J.J., 2009
“Removing the signatures of known climate variability from global-mean surface temperature: Methodology and Insights.”
Journal of Climate 22, 6120-6141

Thompson, D.W.J., Kennedy, J.J., Wallace, J.M. and Jones, P.D., 2008
“A large discontinuity in the mid-twentieth century in observed global-mean surface temperature.”
Nature, 453 646-649

Keeley, S.P.E., Gillett, N.P., Thompson, D.W.J., Solomon, S. and Forster, P.M., 2007
“Is Antarctic climate most sensitive to ozone depletion in the middle of or lower stratosphere?”
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L22812, doi:10.1029/2007GL031238

Gillett, N.P. and Thompson, D.W.J., 2003
“Simulation of Recent Southern Hemisphere Climate Change”
Science, 302. 273-275 American Association for the Advancement of Science R
(keywords: High Latitudes, stratosphere,troposphere, anthropogenic, emissions, models, observations)

Baldwin, M.P., Thompson, D.W.J., Shuckburgh, E.F., Norton, W.A. and Gillett, N.P., 2003
“Weather from the stratosphere?”
Science, 301 (Invited) 317-319

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