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Gillett, N.P., Stone, D.A., Stott, P.A., Nozawa, T., Karpechko, A.Y., Hegerl, G.C., Wehner, M.F., and Jones, P.D., 2008
“Attribution of polar warming to human influence.”
Nature Geoscience, 1, doi:10.1038/ngeo338

Zhang, X., Zwiers, F.W., Hegerl, G.C., Lambert, F.H., Gillett, N.P., Solomon, S., Stott, P.A., and Nozawa, T., 2007
“Detection of human influence on 20th century precipitation trends.”
Nature, 448 461-465

Thorne, P.W., Jones, P.D., Tett, S.F.B., Allen, M.R., Parker, D.E., Stott, P.A., Jones, G.S., Osborn, T.J. and Davies, T.D., 2003
“Probable causes of late twentieth century tropospheric temperature trends.”
Climate Dynamics 21, 573-591 Springer Verlag. DOI 10.1007/s00382-003-0353-1 (R)
(keywords: troposphere temperature trends historical causes)

Gillett, N.P., Zwiers, F.W., Weaver, A.J, and Stott, P.A.,, 2003
“Detection of human influence on sea-level pressure.”
Nature 422, 292-294 R
(keywords: sea-level pressure global warming climate change detection anthropogenic)

Thorne, P.W., Jones, P.D., Osborn, T.J., Davies, T.D., Tett, S.F.B., Parker, D.E., Stott, P.A., Jones, G.S. and Allen, M.R., 2002
“Assessing the robustness of zonal mean climate change detection.”
Geophysical Research Letters 29 (doi:10.1029/2002GL0015717), xxxx-yyyy
(keywords: climate change detection)

Gillett, N.P., Zwiers, F.L., Weaver, A.J., Hegerl, G.C., Allen, M.R., Stott, P.A., 2002
“Detecting anthropogenic influence with a multi-model ensemble”
Geophysical Research Letters Vol 29,NO.20,1970,doi:10.1029/2002GL015836 R
(keywords: greenhouse gas, human, seasonal predictions, atmospheric variables)

Gillett, N.P., Hegerl, G.C., Allen, M.R., Stott, P.A., 2000
“Implications of changes in the Northern Hemisphere circulation for the detection of anthropogenic climate change”
Geophysical Research Letters, 27 (7) doi: 10.1029/1999GL010981 993-996 American Geophysical Union
(keywords: Northern Hemisphere Circulation Human Climate Change Impacts Global Warming REPRINTS[ R)

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