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Turner, J., Colwell, S.R., Marshall, G.J., Lachlan-Cope, T.A., Carelton, A.M., Jones, P.D., Lagun, V., Reid, P.A. and Iagovkina, S., 2005
“Antarctic climate change during the last 50 years”
International Journal of Climatology, 25 279-294

Turner,J., Colwell,S.R., Marshall,G.J., Lachlan-Cope,T.A., Jones,P.D., Lagun,V., Reid,P.A and Iagovkina,S., 2004
“The SCAR READER Project: Toward a high-quantity database of mean Antarctic meteorological observations”
Journal of Climate 17, 2890-2898

Reid, P.A., Jones, P.D., Brown, O., Goodess, C.M. and Davies, T.D., 2001
“Assessments of the reliability of NCEP circulation data and relationships with surface climate by direct comparisons with station based data.”
Climate Research 17, 247-261 Inter-Research (R)
(keywords: circulation datasets surface climate change station methodology validation)

Jones, P.D. and Reid, P.A., 2001
“Assessing future changes in extreme precipitation over Britain using regional climate model integrations.”
International Journal of Climatology 21, 1337-1356 Royal Meteorological Society. (R)
(keywords: precipitation impacts UK Europe modelling regional methodology forecasting)

Jones, P.D. and Reid, P.A., 2001
“Temperature trends in regions affected by increasing aridity/humidity.”
Geophysical Research Letters 28(20), 3919-3922 American Geophysical Union (R)
(keywords: temperature aridity humidity desertification hydrology)

Jones, P.D. and Reid, P.A., 2001
“A databank of Antarctic surface temperature and pressure data.”
ORNL/CDIAC-27, NDP-32. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, TN.
(keywords: Antarctic surface temperature datasets pressure climate change)

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