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Easterling,D.R., Horton,B., Jones,P.D., Peterson,T.C., Karl,T.R., Parker,D.E., Salinger,M.J., Razuvayev,V., Plummer,N., Jamason,P. & Folland,C.K., 1997
“A new look at maximum and minimum temperature trends for the globe.”
Science, 277 364-367

Karl, T.R., Jones, P.D., Knight, R.W., Kukla, G., Plummer, N., Razuvayev, V., Gallo, K.P., Lindsay, J.A. and Charlson, R.J., 1996
“Asymmetric trends of daily maximum and minimum temperature: empirical evidence and possible causes.”
In, The Natural Variability of the Climate System on 10-100 year timescales (Eds. D. Martinson et al.) 80-96 National Academy Press, Washington, D.C.

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