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Nordstrom, D.K., Plummer, L.N., Wigley, T.M.L. (and 16 others), 1979
“Comparison of computerized chemical models for equilibrium calculations i n aqueous systems.”
In: Chemical Modelling in Aqueous Systems (Ed. E.A. Jenne). Am erican Chemical Society Symposium Series 93, 815-835
(keywords: computing chemistry modelling hydrology)

Plummer, L.N., Wigley, T.M.L. and Parkhurst, D.L., 1979
“Critical review of the kinetics of calcite dissolution and precipitation.”
In: Chemical Modeling in Aqueous Systems (Ed. E.A. Jenne), 537-573 American Chemical Society Symposium Series 93.
(keywords: geology chemistry precipitation)

Sundquist, E.T., Plummer, L.N. and Wigley, T.M.L., 1979
“Carbon dioxide in the ocean surface: the homogeneous buffer factor.”
Science 204, 1203-1205
(keywords: CO2 oceans)

Plummer, L.N., Wigley, T.M.L. and Parkhurst, D.L., 1978
“The kinetics of calcite dissolution in CO2-water systems at 5-60 C and 0. 0-1.0 atm CO2.”
American Journal of Science 278, 179-216
(keywords: geology chemistry CO2)

Plummer, L.N. and Wigley, T.M.L., 1976
“The dissolution of calcite in CO2-saturated solutions at 25 C and 1 atmos phere total pressure.”
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 40, 191-202
(keywords: geology CO2 chemistry)

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