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Davies, T.D., Kelly, P.M., Low, P.S. and Pierce, C.E., 1992
“Surface ozone concentrations in Europe: links with regional-scale atmospheric circulation.”
Journal of Geophysical Research 97(D9), 9819-9832 (R)
(keywords: surface ozone Europe regional atmospheric circulation pollution)

Davies, T.D., Pierce, C.E. and Dorling, S.R., 1992
“Towards an assessment of the influence of climate on wet acidic deposition in Europe.”
Environ. Pollut. 75, 111-119
(keywords: climate change deposition precipitation Europe chemistry snow)

Davies, T.D., Tranter, M., Jickells, T.D., Abrahams, P.W., Landsberger, S., Jarvis, K. and Pierce, C.E., 1992
“Heavily contaminated snowfalls in the remote Scottish Highlands: a consequence of regional-scale mixing and transport.”
Atmos. Environ. 26A, 95-112
(keywords: snow chemistry pollution precipitation climate change acid Scotland UK transport)

Dorling, S.R., Davies, T.D. and Pierce, C.E., 1992
“Cluster analysis and the meteorological controls influencing precipitation chemistry at Eskdalemuir, Scotland.”
In: Precipitation Scavenging and Atmosphere-Surface Exchange, Vol. 3 Applications and Appraisals (Eds. S.E. Schwartz and W.G.N. Slinn), pp.1521-1532 Hemisphere Publishing Corp., Washington.
(keywords: statistics meteorology precipitation chemistry Scotland UK)

Dorling, S.R., Davies, T.D. and Pierce, C.E., 1992
“Cluster analysis: A technique for estimating the synoptic meteorological controls on air and precipitation chemistry - results from Eskdalemuir, South Scotland.”
Atmos. Environ. 26A, 2583-2602
(keywords: cluster analysis statistics methodology meteorology air precipitation chemistry Scotland UK)

Davies, T.D., Dorling, S.R., Pierce, C.E., Barthelmie, R.J. and Farmer, G., 1991
“The meteorological control on the anthropogenic ion content of precipitation at three sites in the UK: the utility of Lamb weather types.”
International Journal of Climatology 11, 795-807
(keywords: precipitation climate UK LWTs chemistry regional Europe chemistry)

Davies, T.D., Kelly, P.M., Low, P.S. and Pierce, C.E., 1990
“Surface ozone in Europe: trends and links to atmospheric circulation.”
Final Report CEGB contract R21.4.4. 244/TD, 326pp.
(keywords: ozone surface pollution atmospheric circulation Europe impacts)

Davies, T.D., Kelly, P.M., Farmer, G., Low, P.S., Barthelmie, R.J. and Pierce, C.E., 1989
“Surface ozone concentrations in Europe: trends and climatological controls.”
Presented at: Int. Conf. on the Generation of Oxidants on Regional and Global Scales. University of East Anglia, 3-7 July 1989.
(keywords: ozone Europe climate change surface trends pollution impacts)

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