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Wood, P.J., Agnew, M.D. and Petts, G.E., 2000
“Flow variations and macroinvertebrate community responses in a small groundwater-dominated stream in South-East England.”
Hydrological Processes 14, 3133-3147
(keywords: macroinvertebrate groundwater hydrology UK regional)

Wood, P.J., Agnew, M.D. and Petts, G.E., 1999
“Hydro-ecological variability within a groundwater-dominated stream.”
In: Proc. of the Hydro-ecology Workshop, International Association of Hydrological Sciences, University of Birmingham, 26-27th July.
(keywords: hydrology ecology variability)

Wood, P.D., Agnew, M.D. and Petts, G.E., ----
“Hydro-ecological variability within a small groundwater fed stream: modelling instream responses.”
Hydrological Processes.
(keywords: hydrology ecology variability modelling methodology)

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