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Mitchell, T.D., Osborn, T.J., Raper, S.C.B., et al., 2008
“Development and illustrative outputs of the Community Integrated Assessment System (CIAS), a multi-institutional modular integrated assessment approach for modelling climate change.”
Environmental Modelling and Software, 23, doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2007.09.002 592-610

Mitchell, T.D, Jones, 2005
“An improved method of constructing a database of monthly climate observations and associated high-resolution grids”
International Journal of Climatology vol 25,DOI:10.1002/joc.1181 693 - 712 Royal Meteorological Society R
(keywords: Climate, observations, grids, homogeneity, temperature, precepitation, vapour, cloud)

Mitchell, T. and Hulme, M., 1999
“Predicting regional climate change: living with uncertainty.”
Prog. in Phys. Geogr., 23, 57-78
(keywords: prediction regional climate change impacts management scenarios methodology)

Hulme, M., Jenkins, G.J., Lu, X., Turnpenny, J.R., Mitchell, T.D., Jones, R.G. and others DATE [ 2002,
“Climate Change Scenarios for the United Kingdom: The UKCIP02 Scientific Report.”
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K., 120pp Commissioned and funded by the Dept. for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as part of the UK Climate Impacts Programme
(keywords: climate change scenarios modelling U.K. Britain Northern Ireland Scotland Wales Europe regional)

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