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Bohm, R., Jones, P.D., Hiebl, J., Frank, D., Brunetti, M. and Maugeri, M., 2009
“The early instrumental warm-bias: a solution for long Central European temperature series, 1760-2007.”
Climatic Change (available online).

Efthymiadis, D., Jones, P.D., Briffa, K.R., Bohm, R. and Maugeri, M., 2007
“Influence of large-scale atmospheric circulation on climate variability in the Greater Alpine Region of Europe.”
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D12104, doi:10.1029/2006JD008021

Yan, Z., Jones, P.D., Davies, T.D., Moberg, A., Bergstrom, H., Camuffo, D., Cocheo, C., Maugeri, M., Demaree, G.R. and six others, 2002
“Trends of extreme temperatures in Europe and China based on daily observations.”
Climatic Change 53, 355-392 Kluwer Academic Publishers. (R)
(keywords: temperature trends Europe China observations historical records)

Camuffo, D., Demaree, G., Davies, T.D., Jones, P.D., Moberg, A., Martinec, J.M., Cocheo, C., Maugeri, M., Thoen, E. and Bergstrom, H., 2000
“Improved understanding of past climatic variability from early daily European instrumental sources (IMPROVE).”
In: Proceedings of the EC Climate and Environment Conference, Vienna, 19-23 October 1998. CDROM, EC Research DG, Biodiversity and Global Change Unit DI/1, Rue de la Roi, 200-B-1049 Brussels, Article No. 162, 8pp
(keywords: climatic change variability instrumental Europe historical records IMPROVE)

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