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Lenton, T., Loutre, M., Warren, R., Goodess, C.M., Swann, M., Cameron, D., Hankin, R., Marsh, R. and Shepherd, J., 2006
“Climate Change on the millennial timescale: Tyndall Centre Technical Report 41”

Jones, P.D., Marsh, R., Wigley, T.M.L. and Peel, D.A., 1993
“Decadal timescale links between Antarctic Peninsula ice core oxygen-18, deuterium and temperature.”
The Holocene 3(1), 14-26 (R)
(keywords: Antarctic ice cores historical observations)

Hulme, M., Marsh, R. and Jones, P.D., 1992
“Global changes in a humidity index between 1931-60 and 1961-90.”
Climate Research 2, 1-22 (R)
(keywords: global humidity historical records observations)

Hulme, M. and Marsh, R., 1990
“Global Mean Monthly Humidity Surfaces for 1930-89 and Projected for 2030.”
Report prepared for UNEP/GEMS/GRID (Nairobi), 74pp Climatic Research Unit, Norwich.
(keywords: global humidity surface forecasting forecasting predictions climate change)

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