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Saladie, O., Brunet, M., Aguilar, E., Sigro, J., Lopez, D., 2008
“Variacions i tendenica de la precipitacio al sector nord-oriental de la Peninsula Iberica durant el s. XX.”
Revista de Geografia, 5, 25-46

Brunet, M., Jones, P.D., Sigro, J., Saladie, O., Aguilar, E., Moberg, A., Della-Marta, P.M., Lister, D., Walther, A., and Lopez, D., 2007
“Temporal and spatial temperature variability and change over Spain during 1850-2005”
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D12117, doi:10.1029/2006JD008249

Brunet, M., Saladie, O., Jones, P.D., Sigro, J., Aguilar, E., Moberg, A., Lister, D.H., Walther, A., Lopez, D. and Almarza, C., 2006
“The development of a new dataset of Spanish daily adjusted temperature series (SDATS) (1850-2003)”
International Journal of Climatology, 26 1777-1802

Brunet, M. and Lopez, D. (ed), 2001
“Detecting and modelling regional climate change”
651 pp Springer Verlag, Heidelberg-Berlin. ISBN: 3-540-42239-0

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