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Kates, R.W. and Warrick, R.A., 1982
“The Effects of Climatic Fluctuations on Human Populations: Final Report.”
Final Report submitted to the National Science Foundation, Clim ate Dynamics Progra, NSF Grant No.ATM-800635.
(keywords: climate change impacts social industry agriculture global warming huma n)

Bowden, M., Kates, R., Kay, P., Riebsame, W., Gould, H., Johnson, D., Warrick, R. and Weiner, D., 1981
“The effects of climate fluctuations on human populations: two hypotheses .”
In: Climate and History (Eds. T.M.L. Wigley, M. Ingram and G. Farmer). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
(keywords: human impacts climate change population sea level social)

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