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Hegerl, G.C., Karl, T.R., Allen, M.R., Bindoff, N.L., Gillett, N.P., Karoly, D.J., Zhang, X., and Zwiers, F.W., 2006
“Climate change detection and attribution: Beyond mean temperature signals”
Journal of Climate, 19 5058-5077

Peterson,T.C., Easterling,D.R., Karl,T.R., Groisman,P., Nicholls,N., Plummer,N., Torok,S., Auer,I., Bohm,R., Jones, P.D et al, 1998
“Homogeneity adjustments of in situ atmospheric climate data: a review.”
International Journal of Climatology, 18 1493-1517

Easterling,D.R., Horton,B., Jones,P.D., Peterson,T.C., Karl,T.R., Parker,D.E., Salinger,M.J., Razuvayev,V., Plummer,N., Jamason,P. & Folland,C.K., 1997
“A new look at maximum and minimum temperature trends for the globe.”
Science, 277 364-367

Karl, T.R., Jones, P.D., Knight, R.W., Kukla, G., Plummer, N., Razuvayev, V., Gallo, K.P., Lindsay, J.A. and Charlson, R.J., 1996
“Asymmetric trends of daily maximum and minimum temperature: empirical evidence and possible causes.”
In, The Natural Variability of the Climate System on 10-100 year timescales (Eds. D. Martinson et al.) 80-96 National Academy Press, Washington, D.C.

Karl, T.R., Jones, P.D., Knight, R.W., Kukla, G., Plummer, N., Razuva yev, V., Gallo, K.P., Lindseay, J., Charlson, R.J. and Peterson, T.C., 1993
“A new perspective on recent global warming: Asymmetric trends of daily ma ximum and minimum temperatures.”
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 74(6), 1007-1023 (R)
(keywords: global warming temperatures forecasting methodology greenhouse dataset s)

Jones, P.D., Groisman, P.Ya., Coughlan, M., Plummer, N., Wang, W-C. and Karl, T.R., 1990
“Assessment of urbanization effects in time series of surface air temperature over land.”
Nature 347, 169-172 (R)
(keywords: datasets surface air temperature land methodology global warming)

Jones, P.D., Kelly, P.M., Goodess, C.M. and Karl, T.R., 1989
“The effect of urban warming on the Northern Hemisphere temperature average.”
Journal of Climate 2, 285-290 (R)
(keywords: global warming NH temperature impacts)

Karl, T.R. and Jones, P.D., 1989
“Urban bias in area-averaged surface air temperature trends.”
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 70, 265-270 (R)
(keywords: surface air temperature trends)

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