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Jacobeit, J., Rathmann, J., Philipp, A. and Jones, P.D., 2009
“Central European precipitation and temperature extremes in relation to large-scale atmospheric circulation types.”
Meteorologische Zeitschrift 18, 397-410

Beck, C., Jacobeit, J. and Jones, P.D., 2007
“Frequency and within-type variations of large-scale circulation types and their effects on low-frequency climate variability in Central Europe since 1780.”
International Journal of Climatology, 27 473-491

Jacobeit, J., Jones, P.D., Davies, T.D. and Beck, C., 2001
“Circulation changes in Europe since the 1780s.”
In: History and Climate: Memories of the Future? (P.D. Jones, A.E.J. Ogilvie, T.D. Davies and K.R. Briffa, eds.), pp.79-99 Kluwer Academic Publishers, New York, ISBN 0-306-46589-2.
(keywords: circulation Europe historical records climate change)

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