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Wigley, T.M.L., Huckstep, N.J., Ogilvie, A.E.J., Farmer, G., Mortimer, R. and Ingram, M.J., 1985
“Historical climate impact assessments.”
In: Climate Impact Assessment: Studies of the Interaction of Climate and Society (Eds. R.W. Kates, J.H. Ausubel and M. Berberian), pp.529-563 SCOPE Publication 27, John Wiley and Sons, London. (R)
(keywords: historical climate change impacts methodology)

Huckstep, N., 1981
“Historical source material and the reconstruction of past climates.”
In: Consequences of Climatic Change (Eds. M.L. Parry and C. Del ano-Smith), pp.119-123 Department of Geography, University of Nottingham. (R)
(keywords: historical records reconstruction climate change)

Wigley, T.M.L., Huckstep, N.J., Mortimer, R., Farmer, G., Jones, P.D. , Salinger, M.J. and Ogilvie, A.E.J., 1981
“The reconstruction of European climate on decadal and shorter time scales .”
In: Extended Abstracts, First Meeting, Reconstruction of Past C limates Contact Group, pp.83-84 EEC Directorate-General for Science, Research and Development, Brusse ls.
(keywords: reconstruction Europe climate change historical records)

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