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Harding, A.E., Palutikof, J., and Holt, T., 2009
“The Climate System”
in J.C. Woodward (et al.), The Physical Geography of the Mediterraneon. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 69-88 Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Holt, T., Goodess, C.M. and Viner, D., 2008
“Climate Change in the UK: the evidence”
Chapter 1 in Health Effects of Climate Change in the UK 2008: An update of the Department of Health Report 2001/2002 (ed.) Sari Kovats, pp.1-22, Department of Health, UK pp.1-22

Palutikof, J.P. and Holt, T., 2004
“Climate change and the occurrence of extremes: some implications for the Mediterranean Basin.”
Chapter 4 in: Environmental Challenges in the Mediterranean 2000-2050 (Ed. A. Marquina), pp.61-73 Kluwer Academic Publishers (R)
(keywords: climate change extremes impacts Mediterranean regional Europe)

Hanson, C., Palutikof, J., Osborn, T., Davies, T.D., Holt, T. and Quine, C., 2003
“An integrated assessment of the potential for change in storm activity over Europe: implications for forestry in the UK.”
In: Proc. International Conf. on Wind Effects on Trees (eds. B. Ruck, C. Kottmeier, C. Mattheck, C. Quine and G. Wilhelm), Laboratory for Buildings and Environmental Aerodynamics, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, 129-136
(keywords: storms Europe climate change forestry trees dendrochronology)

Hanson, C.E., Holt, T. and Palutikof, J.P., 2003
“An Integrated Assessment for the Potential for Change in Storm Activity over Europe: Implications for Insurance and Forestry in the UK.”
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Project IT1.4 Final Report. University of East Anglia
(keywords: storms impacts climate change insurance forestry dendro UK regional Europe)

Palutikof, J.P., Goodess, C.M., Watkins, S.J. and Holt, T., 2002
“Generating rainfall and temperature scenarios at multiple sites: examples from the Mediterranean.”
Journal of Climate 15(24), 3529-3548 American Meteorological Society. (R)
(keywords: methodology rainfall temperature scenarios Mediterranean Europe regional)

Hanson, C., Palutikof, J., Jones, A. and Holt, T., 2002
“Objective Cyclone Climatologies of the North Atlantic using NCEP/NCAR and ECMWF Reanalyses: Implications for the UK Insurance Industry.”
In: Proc. 13th Conference on Applied Climatology, 13-16 May 2002, Portland, Oregon. American Meteorological Society
(keywords: cyclone climatologies North Atlantic Oceans modelling impacts extreme events storms UK insurance)

Palutikof, J.P. and Holt, T., 2000
“Synoptic-scale wind data suitable for the preliminary assessment of the offshore wind resource.”
Proceedings of European Seminar Offshore Wind Energy in Mediterranean and Other European Seas (OWEMES 2000), Siracusa, pp.93-107
(keywords: wind energy datasets resource offshore synoptic)

Watson, G.M., Halliday, J.A., Palutikof, J.P., Holt, T., Barthelmie, R.J., Coelingh, J.P., Folkerts, L., van Zuylen, E.J. and Cleijne, J.W., 2000
“POWER - a methodology for predicting offshore wind energy resources.”
In: Proceedings of the European Seminar on Offshore Wind Energy in Mediterranean and Other European Seas (OWEMES 2000), Siracusa, pp.109-120
(keywords: POWER methodology offshore wind energy resource climate change)

Palutikof, J.P., Holt, T. and Skellern, A., 1997
“Wind - resource and hazard.”
pp.220-242 in: The Climate of the British Isles: Present, Past and Future (M. Hulme and E.M. Barrow, Eds.). Routledge, London. ISBN 0-415-13017-4
(keywords: wind energy speed impacts disasters)

Wan Azli Wan Hassan, Chan Ah Kee, Holt, T. and Kelly, P.M., 1996
“Modelling the impact of forest conversion on climate: a review.”
In: Conservation, Management and Development of Forest Resources, pp.332-348
(keywords: modelling forestry impacts climate change methodology review)

Kelly, P.M. and Holt, T., 1995
“Hurricane Risk on the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts of the United States: An Update.”
Report produced for Harvey Bowring and Others, London.
(keywords: hurricanes USA coastal risk assessment)

Lal, M. and Holt, T., 1991
“Ozone depletion due to increasing anthropogenic trace gas emissions: role of stratospheric chemistry and implications for future climate.”
Climate Research 1, 85-95 (R)
(keywords: ozone pollution atmospheric impacts stratosphere chemistry)

Davies, T.D., Palutikof, J.P., Holt, T. and Kelly, P.M., 1988
“Variations in the wind resource over the British Isles for potential power production.”
In: Recent Climatic Change: A Regional Approach (Ed. S. Gregory), pp.69-78 Belhaven Press, London.
(keywords: wind energy speed UK regional)

Palutikof, J.P., Halliday, J.A., Davies, T.D., Bass, J.H., Holt, T., Watkins, C.P. and Kelly, P.M., 1987
“Development of a site wind-regime prediction methodology for Britain: work in progress.”
Wind Energy Conversion 1987 (Ed. J.M. Galt), 271-278 Mechanical Engineering Publ., London. (R)
(keywords: wind energy forecasting methodology UK)

Palutikof, J.P., Davies, T.D., Holt, T. and Watkins, C., 1987
“Spatial responses to changing wind regimes.”
Report to CEGB, 62pp Climatic Research Unit, UEA.
(keywords: wind power speed impacts)

Holt, T., Kelly, P.M. and Cherry, B.S.G., 1984
“Cryospheric impacts of Soviet river diversion schemes.”
Annals of Glaciology 5, 61-68 (R)
(keywords: hydrology USSR)

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