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Davies, T.D., Palutikof, J.P., Guo, X., Berkofsky, L. and Halliday, J.A., 1995
“Development and testing of a two-dimensional downslope wind model.”
Boundary Layer Meteorology 73, 279-297
(keywords: modelling wind energy speed synoptic methodology)

Palutikof, J.P., Goodess, C.M. and Guo, X., 1994
“Climate change, potential evapotranspiration and moisture availability in the Mediterranean Basin.”
International Journal of Climatology 14, 853-869 (R)
(keywords: climate change evapotranspiration moisture Mediterranean Europe)

Guo, X., Davies, T.D., Palutikof, J.P., Berkofsky, L. and Halliday, J., 1994
“Developing and testing of downslope wind models: incorporation into wind turbine site prediction schemes.”
Report to the SERC, GR/G 26884, 138pp CRU, UEA.
(keywords: wind modelling turbine prediction forecasting energy speed)

Palutikof, J.P., Guo, X. and Halliday, J.A., 1992
“Climate variability and the UK wind resource.”
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 39, 243-249 (R)
(keywords: climate change impacts UK wind energy speed)

Palutikof, J.P., Guo, X., Wigley, T.M.L. and Gregory, J.M., 1992
“Regional Changes in Climate in the Mediterranean Basin due to Global Greenhouse Gas Warming.”
MAP Technical Reports Series No.66, 172pp UNEP, Athens. (R)
(keywords: climate change greenhouse global Europe warming regional impacts)

Hannah, P., Palutikof, J.P., Quine, C.P. and Guo, X., 1991
“Reconstruction of time series in complex terrain.”
In: Wind Energy Conversion 1991 (Eds. D.C. Quarton and V.C. Fenton), pp.281-288 Mechanical Engineering Publications, London.
(keywords: time series wind energy speed statistics methodology)

Palutikof, J.P., Guo, X. and Halliday, J.A., 1991
“Climate variability and the UK wind resource.”
In: Wind Energy: Technology and Implementation (Eds. F.J.L. van Hulle, P.T. Smulders and J.B. Dragt), pp.342-346 Elsevier, Amsterdam.
(keywords: climate change UK wind energy speed Europe impacts)

Palutikof, J.P., Guo, X. and Halliday, J.A., 1991
“The reconstruction of long wind speed records in the UK.”
In: Wind Energy Conversion 1991 (Eds. D.C. Quarton and V.C. Fenton), pp.275-280 Mechanical Engineering Publications, London.
(keywords: wind datasets UK historical records observations reconstructions)

Guo, X. and Palutikof, J.P., 1990
“A study of two mass-consistent models: problems and possible solutions.”
Boundary-Layer Meteorology 53, 303-332 (R)
(keywords: modelling climate change methodology evaluation)

Palutikof, J.P. and Guo, X., 1990
“Climatic Change Scenarios for the U.K. Part 1: Scenarios of Mean Wind Speeds and Maximum Gust Speeds in a High Greenhouse Gas World.”
Final Report to the Institute of Hydrology, 116pp Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich.
(keywords: climate change scenarios UK wind greenhouse warming speed energy forecasting warming)

Palutikof, J.P., Guo, X. and Barthelmie, R.J., 1990
“Wind energy and the greenhouse effect.”
In: Wind Energy Conversion 1990, Proc. 12th British Wind Energy Association Conference (Eds. T.D. Davies, J.A. Halliday and J.P. Palutikof), pp.123-128 Mechanical Engineering Publications Ltd., London.
(keywords: wind energy greenhouse warming impacts)

Guo, X. and Palutikof, J.P., 1988b
“A comparison of two methodologies to predict windspeeds at candidate wind turbine sites.”
Proc. Asian and Pacific Area Wind Energy Conference, August 1-4, Shanghai, pp.67-71 (R)
(keywords: methodology wind energy speed turbines evaluation)

Guo, X. and Palutikof, J., 1988a
“A comparison of two simple mesoscale models to predict windspeeds in the lower boundary layer.”
Wind Energy Conversion 1988 (Ed. D.J. Milborrow), pp.105-112 Mechanical Engineering Publications, London.
(keywords: modelling wind energy speed methodology predictions)

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